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Thanks Rev!, gonna have to do a rieinstall before i can do that though :(
Hey alpha I won't be able to make it tonight due to unexpected family turning up. Maybe u should ask them to reschedule the scrim to a time where we have enough people
@Bev: Follow the instructions on this video(look at the description too): [link] and hopefully it'll work.
hey gang!, i've just installed the 1.7 patch and installed punkbuster, and now im being kicked for no packetflow from punkbuster. is there a fix for this? if so how? thanks RBL! happy easter!
Procon fixed
also something up with procon that shiet not working again
wingy thats just cause u suck at it at the moment u would get better if you tried
Lantern, could you give Darkey his server tags and invite him to our team before recruitment week ends on the 20/4/14.
gday rbl
I gave BF 3 a go, & rage quite after 10 minutes. It's a stupid game, give me CoD any day!
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