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Team ZULU has won CGa this season, a big thank you to all my team mates who stuck around and played. GGWP
Just letting you Rebels know :sick:[link]
on the 6th of July, 2015, Panzer will be participating in the Annual Running of The Bulls in Spain, where we will Succumb to Gore injurys to the Anus, Just the way he likes it
As of the 1st December Radio Hag is giving up wearing his Superman outfit to the local shops
See Agent if you want to purchase a copy
PC actually is naked whilst playing pc . Agent has the photos in his wallet
Moose will undetaking an Guiness world record attempt to see how many gstrings he can wear at one time ..
Sanga's Sex change operation went well , he has asked to be now know as Kii Kii Brown in Teamspeak
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