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Darcy/Blue Tiger. It's to late to beg not to be kicked from servers. You should of thought about the lag issues b4 u abused a Moderator twice in open chat.
Hey Skynet :d Can you let me know when you will e on next? I need to ask a favour :)
rush em crush em down on procon?
Plz stop bannin gme from cod4 tdm RBL ik i was order to be banned/kicked by 3 g ranks but i just want to play tdm cod4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! its the only server i dont la on
Thankyou for the donation Skynet :) good stuff!
will we be able to get the weapons reset on rush em crushem server in bc2plz
Great Stuff with the Donations Guys!! Keep up the good work!! :d
Rain =(
Hey rbl! Hope your all doing well.. :)
Morning Rebels, how are we going today?
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RBL Gaming Community is now hosting a free teamspeak server
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 channel at www.rblclan.com/teamspeakapplication 

Teamspeak 3

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